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Software Services

The ProServ Software & Support, LLC. Foundation was based on software services that we provided to our customers. We define Software services as meaning anything having to do with building, maintaining, integrating or upgrading software including applications that we may not have provided.

Examples of Software Services:

  1. Your company has a few software packages that run its day to day business. These software solutions sometimes contain the same data that another application has. We would integrate the two applications making them talk to each other and share data as it's entered into either application.
  2. Your customer requires an order to be shipped out every three months. The shipping application that your company is running doesn't offer automatic shipment reminders but it uses an Access or SQL database. We would write an application that would alert specified employees that the shipment is coming due and even setup the shipping record when the time comes.
  3. Your company needs to automate it's Accounts Payable process to include auto payments or invoice approvals prior to payment. We can install a system that allows all paperwork to be scanned into a database that will tie the Purchase Order, Bill of lading or packing lists and Invoices into one screen that would allow the AP department to see what was orders, what was received and what was billed to the company. This saves time and reduces billing related issues to a minimum level if not completely.

Scanning Services

Our scanning department can arrange to pick up your documents, scan and code them and then deliver the results back in many formats. Our team is well versed in the scanning practices and integration with other imaging products. Our billing model is set at a competitive rate using a per document type of system. This means that your costs will never exceeded the expected cost for the project. Our team starts from using Kofax imaging tools to return the best possible quality. We then index the documents into our system while running checks and balances throughout the indexing process to minimize errors. Prior to delivery, our QA team goes through the batch and makes any necessary adjustments. We have the facility to store your documents in our warehouse, destroy them safely or return them back after the scanning process has been completed.

Hardware Services

The ProServ Software & Support, LLC. hardware division prides itself on maintaining your system to peak performance. They will completely go through your system to find malware, viruses and applications that track where you go on the internet. ProServ Software & Support, LLC. can build you a customer system, server or complete network environment for your home, home based business or businesses of any size. Our team is skilled in networking, wiring, phone systems and system repairs of almost any type of computer based product.

Mobile Services

We offer mobile computer services through 888CTGeeks.com This new site will allow you to schedule service technicians for both home and business locations. The site is currently being developed but still offers a free self help forum that can offer web based, free support for almost all your issues. You can visit 888CTGeeks here, and the forum can be found here.

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